Welcome to Zettahash

Bitcoin's Decentralized
Mining Company
Community Owned & Governed
Zettahash Manifesto

Meet the New Era of Collective Mining

We're set out to reshape the Bitcoin mining industry.

Transparency in Real Time

The Zettahash community has real-time access to observe and verify every aspect of our operations, including treasury wallets, ledger and accounting, pools and hashrate, infrastructure and machine assets, inventory, governance, and decision-making.


Challenging Centralization

The industrialization of Bitcoin mining has led to significant changes, favoring centralization under the guidance of major public and private entities.


Decentralized Authority

The decentralized ZH community wields the authority to alter every operational aspect of the DAO.

Introducing #Hashboard

The Hub of the Zettahash Community.
Transparency Starts Here:

Real-time Mining Data

We display mining data from the source.

When it comes to machine performance and energy usage, you'll always see what we see.


Consensus & Proposals

Engage with the Zettahash Community through unmoderated discussions on the Consensus Forum.

Find the latest Zettahash proposals directly in our #Hashboard.


Ledger & Assets

Find all our wallets, balances and assets inside Hashboard.

Verify balances and transactions directly on the blockchain.

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Don't Trust. Verify.

We are a community founded on the principle of trust through verifiability.

Join Our Community Consensus

Receive important updates and news about the Zettahash Community and Project Operations.
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ZHD: The governance token that unlocks Zettahash.

Holding ZHD gives you a Voice, a Vote, and a Share.
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Get started with Zettahash DAO

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